Face Care : Face Oil Absorbent Paper

Face Oil Absorbent Paper [Pack of 3]
Face Oil Absorbent Paper [Pack of 3]

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Avana Face Fresh

Face Oil Absorbent Paper

  • Description
    Oils produced by the body help keep skin healthy. But too much of it can leave your face oily, which no one prefers. The negative effects of oily skin can lead to acne that is sometimes severe. If left untreated, oily skin can make you more prone to acne breakouts and other skin problems. Because oily skin is caused by excess sebum, sometimes the sebum clogs pores in theskin and traps dirt and bacteria, which leads to acne.
    Combat your oily skin by using Avana Face Fresh, which is a 100% Natural Product.
    Avana Face Fresh helps to removes, dirt, perspiration& oil on your skin and helps to unclog pores. Hand made two fiber papers is preferred by international make-up artists for its unique softness and absorbency. It is safe to use over airbrushed make-up, mineral make-up, water based, silicone based and alcohol based foundations; powders, blush, eye shadow, bronzer, self tanners, and has been chosen as a must for HDTV, Film, Runway & Fashion Photography. Not only do they magically soak up facial oils while leaving your makeup (foundation, powder) intact, they are a much smarter option than paper napkins and powdering your forehead every hour.

  • Usage
    • Retrieve a single sheet.
    • Press it against the shiny areas of your face. Start with the T-zone areas of the nose, chin and forehead. Allow the sheet to absorb the oil without rubbing or moving it against your skin. Leave the sheet against your skin for a fewseconds while the sheet absorbs the oil.
    • Place the sheet on other areas of your face as necessary (if required pull up another sheet).
    • Use clean portions of the sheet after oil has been absorbed through the pieces held against the skin. Get mileage out of a single piece of sheet by starting with the sheet's corner edge and working your way to the opposite edge as you use the sheet.
    • Dispose off the used sheet.

  • Ingredients
    100% Pulp

  • Quantity
    100 sheets/pack

  • Note
    Avana Face Fresh can be used before, after & on make up to remove oil from the face.

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Face Oil Absorbent Paper [Pack of 3]

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