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Organic Dried Apricots
Organic Dried Apricots
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Ecorico organic apricots are potent antioxidants - an excellent source of beta-carotene which slows down ageing, protects the eyes from sun damage & drying and prevents plaque build-up in the arteries. They help in treating indigestion, constipation, earache, fevers, skin diseases, cancer and anemia. Ounce for ounce, dried apricots, compared to the fresh, have twelve times the iron, seven times the fiber, and five times the Vitamin A. It is interesting to note that both the fresh and dried apricot are a main food staple of a tiny Hunza principality in the Himalayas, who are known for their extreme longevity, excellent health, and an almost exclusive vegetarian diet.

Organic Apricots make the perfect, nutritious in between meal snack for you on a busy work day or for your kids' lunch box. Organically grown dried fruits do not contain any sulphites used for bleaching, colouring & preservation. Sulphites can cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shocks, migraines, aggravate asthma and other adverse conditions. Ecorico organic apricots are NOT dipped in sulphur dioxide and artificial orange colour unlike the conventional ones.

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