Dry fruits : Pistachio

Organic Salted Pistachio
Organic Salted Pistachio
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Ecorico’s organic pistachios are high in fiber and packed with protein. Unlike other diet foods, pistachio nuts are filling snacks that reduce hunger cravings. These organic tasty treats, laced with organic sea salt is a source of over 30 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (nature's cancer fighters). They are beneficial to the heart and circulatory system. Pistachios are easy to pack for school lunches and handy for hiking and road trips. Add their crunchy, nutty flavor to soups and salads at lunch. Top off the day with pistachio appetizers before dinner, or sprinkle them on crispy, steamed vegetables like green beans or asparagus. Crack open a handful of the crunchy kernels and enjoy great benefits to your health.

Conventional pistachios are bleached using peroxide to make their shells so white which are originally creamish brownish, Ecorico organic pistachios are not bleached n dyed, there is a solid evidence of the possible harm bleached pistachios might bring to consumers' health, bleaching also leads to a nutritional loss in the nuts specially of vitamin B1, which is removed during the bleaching process.

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